ChatGPT Fan? Here Are 10 More Generative AI Tools Worth Trying


Top 14 Generative AI Applications in 2023

These tools represent the top 10 accessible and impactful generative AIs in 2023. Whether you’re a writer, designer, developer or creative professional, these tools can help you ideate, iterate and produce content exponentially faster. This platform provides access to a vast collection of over 170,000 curated audio loops. Even if you have no technical expertise, Loudly's interface lets you effortlessly select genres and customize options to build your own unique songs.

  • The tool is designed to transform natural language prompts into code recommendations for all languages in public repositories.
  • In side-by-side comparisons, Writer's text generations sometimes felt a little weaker than the ones from Jasper or, but I suspect a lot of that was down to how things were configured.
  • So, get in touch with SoluLab now and use AI to skyrocket your business.

This ultimately leads to outcomes that are either similar to or better than human performance. AI tools are software applications that utilize artificial intelligence to solve specific problems. Powered by convolutional neural networks (CNNs), DeepArt enables users to transform their input images into artworks reminiscent of iconic artists' styles.

Top 10 Consulting Firms Powering the World of Technology

Check out our free AI Text Generator and unlock the exciting world of AI-powered text generation. Whether you're a developer, designer or artist, generative AI tools can enhance your productivity, boost your creativity and unlock new possibilities. It's also important to note that, like any language model, ChatGPT has limitations. This includes sometimes producing wrong or silly answers, biased content, and a limit to the knowledge it can access in 2021. Following a similar premise as PeopleGPT, Attract is an AI-powered talent search and engagement platform designed to extend your HR team’s capabilities in attracting and managing talent. PeopleGPT by Juicebox is an AI-powered search engine for talent acquisition tasks like recruiting, customer discovery, research, and more.

best generative ai tools

Companies are increasingly adopting these tools to streamline their processes, reduce manual efforts, and unlock new possibilities that were once unimaginable. Generative AI, a subset of AI, focuses on teaching machines to produce original and creative content. Unlike traditional AI, which operates based on predetermined rules, generative AI has the ability to learn from data and generate content autonomously.

Top 9 generative AI tools to redefine your content creation

Kickresume is an AI resume builder that simplifies the process of writing and creating effective resumes. It is similar to ChatGPT and has the ability to process large amounts of text and automate workflows. Bard is a chatbot developed by Google, which is seen as Google’s counterpart to Yakov Livshits OpenAI’s ChatGPT. GitHub Copilot is an AI code completion tool that analyzes code and provides instant feedback and relevant code suggestions. Finally, the keyword research tool will help you to find long-tail keywords with a strong commercial intent (people that is ready to convert).

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Great customer experience needs great AI - Fast Company

Great customer experience needs great AI.

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This tool is especially useful for brands that want to stand out from the crowd with distinctive and eye-catching visuals. With the help of generative AI, businesses can gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of marketing. In marketing, predictive analytics Yakov Livshits powered by generative AI assist in forecasting customer behavior, demand patterns, and campaign performance. Generative AI streamlines market research by analyzing vast amounts of data from multiple sources. It identifies emerging trends, customer preferences, and market opportunities.

Top 9 Generative AI Applications and Tools

Formerly Looti AI, Candide up-levels your CRM with features to find your company’s ideal audiences and candidates with its innovative lead generation software. Like other AI meeting tools, Krisp can also pick up on inflection, speaker, and language changes mid-conversation for better meeting transcriptions and summaries. Does anyone else’s dog only seem to bark when you’re mid-presentation? Krisp is a bot-free AI meeting assistant best known for its bi-directional muting to remove background noises during your online conference call in real-time.

best generative ai tools

This tool is powered by OpenAI Codex—another AI coding software—and therefore creates more complete code than Codex and supports more programming languages. Firefly is an image generation and editing tool known for its prompt-to-image output accuracy. It encompasses a wide range of image Yakov Livshits modification features, including content type, color, tone, lighting, and composition tools. Bing AI is powered by the GPT-4 model of OpenAI and can traverse the web to provide accurate answers. Unlike competing websites that offer stable diffusion solutions – the website is FREE.

Replika: An AI-driven chatbot designed to be a virtual companion with deep connections and interactive features.

Explaining how generative AI models arrive at a conclusion can be challenging. It's often hard to understand why the model made a particular prediction. This could pose a problem for businesses needing to clarify decisions to stakeholders. In some instances, the model can become too tuned to the training data, leading to inaccurate predictions when applied to new data.

Moreover, its one-click content creation feature simplifies the generation of quality, SEO-optimized content, saving users time and boosting the efficiency of their content marketing efforts. This AI-powered tool offers a user-friendly interface that allows even non-technical marketers to create custom models, automate tasks, and generate content with ease. Moreover, we will also delve into the continued importance of the human touch for achieving marketing success, even in the era of advanced generative AI technology.

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